Truth and Justice is Back!

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I set up the Truth and Justice blog on my law office website back in 2011, when the website was hand-coded html.  It got to be too difficult to update it, plus it wasn’t really like a blog because there was no way for people to comment (other than write emails), so it fell into disuse.  Now that I’ve decided to start upgrading my law office website, I decided it was time to revive the blog. This time I installed WordPress.  Now users can post comments directly on my page. If you want to want to comment you’ll have to set up a user account. This way I can weed out the people who feel a need to violently disagree.  If you disagree with me, do so politely or I will delete your comments and ban you as a user.

Much of what I bother to blog about will be controversial to some, but it is my opinion and my blog, and if you don’t agree with me, go watch Fox News.  I don’t have any intention of pretending to be fair and unbiased.  There are plenty of media sources that spit out the opposing point of view and I don’t have to.  I intend to report the truth as I see it and complain about injustices and unfairness in the systems and entities that are running (and ruining) the world, even if the bullies that are causing the problems are your corporate employer or a powerful government entity.

I am working on a piece about asset forfeiture laws which I will post in a few days, maybe longer depending on how long it takes me to finish.

If you want to read my old Truth and Justice Blog posts, they are still on my website, just not linked to the Blog button.  You may access them at this link.

Brenda Grantland

Note:  I am a lawyer in private practice and I have to support myself in these very trying financial times.  Unfortunately, after 20 years of volunteering many hours per week answering questions from forfeiture victims who called Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Foundation, or crime victims who read on my website that I handle victims rights and restitution cases, I no longer give free legal advice.  Please don’t call my law office trying to get free advice, not even “quick questions” — that applies to lawyers and indigent victims too, even if you have talked to me before or John Doe said to call me.  If you want a few minutes of my time, I consult on an hourly basis at my normal hourly rate ($300).  Otherwise, to answer your forfeiture questions, go the FEAR website and read the free information available there, and/or purchase FEAR’s low cost self-help materials.  Yes they are still up to date enough to be helpful. If you need free help on a victims rights or restitution issue, go to the National Crime Victim Law Institute website.

Brenda Grantland

Brenda Grantland is a private attorney in Mill Valley California, with 30 years' experience primarily in asset forfeiture defense, as well as federal criminal appeals and victims rights and restitution. Brenda handles federal cases throughout the country, and frequently works with other attorneys or legal teams as a consultant or co-counsel.

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