Who Owns Hillary? table of contents


Chapter 1: Hillary – about those speaker fees…

— What’s the big deal about them? Everybody’s doing it.

Chapter 2. Who are these corporations that paid the Clintons $225,000 or more for one-hour speeches?

— a. Some probably innocuous groups

— b. Trade associations and lobbying groups

— c. Religious groups

— d. The “titans of the international corporatocracy”

— e. Entities involved in major debacles and scandals

Chapter 3. Breakdown by industry

— Why six-figure payments from these corporations matter

Chapter 4. The most troublesome corporate speech hosts

Chapter 5. What is the difference between these speaking fees and bribery?

— a. Are the speeches really the consideration for such extravagant payments?

— b. Influence-peddling and “getting things done”

— c. Bribery lite

Chapter 6. Is there proof Hillary would be influenced to favor the corporations that paid her?

— a. Admission of a “co-conspirator”

— b. Pay-to-play influence already showing in campaign promises

— c. Pattern of Clinton acts involving pay-to-play politics

Chapter 7. Why won’t she turn over the speech transcripts?

Chapter 8. What do these six-figure speeches say about the kind of president Hillary would be?

— a .The New Gilded Age


— Index by industry

— Alphabetical index of the corporations

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