TVIC board’s 1/24 letter to TVIC members

by Brenda Grantland, 1/22/2018
This is Part V of a series of blog posts about a local nonprofit I am a member of – Tamalpais Valley Improvement Club. (

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In keeping with their attitude that they can just declare themselves board members for life, “Curry and the TVIC Board” sent their own letter out as a cover letter for the letter and questionaire from me that the board had agreed to send out to members, in lieu of giving me the list of members.

This mailing followed the January 15 TVIC mailing asking members to vote to approve the TVIC board’s decision to give away the community center to TCSD, and enclosing a ballot.

In case you haven’t been following this story, on October 30, 2017, as an alternative to my request to review the TVIC membership list, the TVIC board agreed instead to mail the members a letter and questionaire that I prepared.

Today I got the mailing with my letter, with a cover letter from the board trying to explain away my letter.

In my letter I made two very important points – that government officials had challenged TVIC’s status, according to the board’s own minutes, and that the current TVIC’s board members had exceeded their terms and had not been duly elected in at least 3 years.

Curry Eckelhoff’s 1/24 letter deals with the Secretary of State issue by saying, with little explanation, that “the TVIC is in no danger of losing its nonprofit status and never was.”

Curry’s letter makes no mention of the fact that the current TVIC board is comprised of directors whose terms had expired, some whom could not qualify for reelection under the bylaws. She did not respond to my statement that “the current board has no duly elected and qualified directors still on it.”

And yet “Curry and the TVIC Board” clings to power, saying “we will be in touch soon about Articles and Bylaws amendments.”

They have no standing to be involved in amending either document, since their terms have expired. They were the ones who chose to not hold the annual meetings of the members and elections of directors, so they can’t complain that they need to stay in power until the next board is elected.

The lawyer who is representing them also talks about the need to amend those documents – at whose expense? If they are paying her out of TVIC funds, no thank you!

These board members who have clung to power years after their terms have expired knew what they were doing violated the bylaws. They were familiar with the bylaws since they tried incorrectly to amend them in 2016 – again without telling the members.

The bylaws contain a procedure for removing directors for cause. I believe there is cause for removal of all the directors who have exceeded their terms without being re-elected, and who have failed to call the annual meetings and elections.

Because that is the entire board, we need to call a special meeting of the members to elect a new emergency board of directors who can serve until the annual meeting in September.

The rest of Curry’s letter is fluff and propaganda – and half-truths. In the paragraph starting with “some say TVIC should be doing more events” she claimed “we still do Rhubarb Revue.” Of the 3 past years, as the board minutes show, there has been one Rhubarb revue. The rest of the actvities she cites are activities run by TCSD, a government agency, using taxpayer money. TVIC doesn’t get credit for that.

The rest is platitudes — “TVIC is the watchdog of Tam Valley.” Yeah right. “In transferring the TVCC property to the TCSD we were trying to assure its future.” Again, yeah right.

What does giving the property away achieve that continuing the 50 year lease doesn’t do? If there is a valid response to that question the members deserve to know.

Here’s the kicker that explains everything – “As members of our board grow older there were worries about what if…”

What if they just quietly step down since their terms have expired, and let the members replace them with fresh blood?

TVIC Minutes 2017

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